About Us

The Story of Spinroom Studio

Spinroom was born in January 2013 by Claire Cross. Claire found that she had a passion for Spinning/Studio Cycling, and she decided she would create her own small business, after initially delivering group indoor cycling sessions at the local Leisure Centre.

Off she went and purchased 13 second-hand indoor bikes and started her journey. After a year or so of being based on the local Industrial Estate, Spinroom was ready to move to larger premises, and also offer additional classes such as Circuits and Body Pump.

6 months later an opportunity arose to take up the venue in Deeping where Spinroom Functional Fitness Centre is situated today, and where we now proudly offer over 30 different fitness classes per week for all our fabulous members, across various different disciplines.


Spinroom Studio offers a variety of classes for you to choose from; some are 30 minutes and some are longer at 60 minutes – it’s up to you to decide! All of them will leave you knowing that you have worked hard, but feeling amazing.

Choose from over 30 fitness classes per week in both our dedicated Indoor Cycling Studio, and on our fabulous Functional Fitness Gym Floor.

Classes are very popular, so booking in advance is highly recommended.